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Once you step into the abyss and feel the breeze, you fall in love immediately. You end up desiring to defy gravity every moment of the day, always being close to the clouds. Without noticing, flight becomes a lifestyle and end up living gone with the wind.

This is how we managed to travel to the farthest and most beautiful corners of the world, where we ended up meeting new people and experiencing new customs. All around us (as well as during the flight itself) unique experiences that some only dream of are being enjoyed. We would be happy if we could share with you a part of what makes us smile every day.

Do you want to fly in Retezat mountains?


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    Tandem Paragliding is the simplest form of aviation. It is accessible to anybody, regardless of age.

    Our equipment is last generation, tested and approved by the producers. Our pilots have vast experience and they offer passengers great flights always placing safety first.

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    XC Curses

    The XC courses are aimed at pilots with a flying license who wish to improve the number of hours spent in the air as well as the length of distances flown.

    You will understand better the type of air you are flying through, the clouds as well as flight in mountainous and plain regions. You will understand the advantages of group flights and learn to take decisions by yourself

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    We are targeting mainly pilots who try to find new areas to fly through, who wish to fly without having to worry about transport to the take off or pick-up site. What we offer is an organized environment with pilots experienced in mountainous regions. We offer transport services, boarding, meals and the company of quality individuals.


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… and reviews

  • You are so cool! The way in which you took care of the customer is special indeed. I felt very well with you. You have treated me as a friend. Thank you! You are so cool!

  • I mustered up my courage and decided I want to try paragliding. It was the best decision ever! Flying at a altitude of 1300-1400m above the earth, feeling the currents lifting you up higher makes you forget all problems and makes you wish never to come down.

  • I don’t know where to start, but I can say that flying is something you can’t get enough of. I felt safe at all times! The pilot knows how to make you feel good and lives the moment with you.



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    Luka Gheza
    Tandem Pilot
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    Monalisa Kabos
    Pilot & Manager
  • team35
    Ervin Deak
    Tandem Pilot
  • team4
    Sebastian Gilcescu
    Paragliding Instructor


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